In the Screens menu, you can check and manage the screens of a client.

The advantage of this menu is that you can see the devices in a table format, which gives a more comprehensible look at all the devices.With the Add new button, you can register a new device, the same way you can do on the Summary page.With the

button, you can open the Context menu of the device. It is the same as the right-click menu on the Summary page.

Active Browser session

In the Active Browser session sub-menu, you can check and manage the currently active previews of the client.

With the

button, you can terminate the Signage session.In the Running mode column, you can see two different modes.

  1. Preview mode:This is an unlicensed limited mode, for testing the look of the content. After 15 minutes, an overlay appears with a notification that the time limit is over.
  2. Signage mode:This is a licensed mode, allowing you to use previews as a signage displayer.More info about how to use Signage mode

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