In the Messages menu you can add and manage messages.

Messages can be used in the editor as text or Scroll elements. You can create new messages with the Add new button. You need to fill the Message, Screen group, Valid from, and Valid to fields.

You can sep up your message in the Message, which will be displayed on your screen.

You can set up the main Screen group where does your message will show and affect.

You can set a Valid from and Valid to date. The message will be only displayed in the given date interval.

You can also select and add a Team to your messages. There is two option for it.

You can set which Teams can edit and manage the message in the Message can be managed by teams.

You can set which Teams can display the message on their Screen and Content with the Message applies to contents and screens of teams.

With the  

 button, you can edit your existed message.

In the Edit Message, you can be editing your Message, Valid from, Valid to, Message can be managed by teams and Messages applies to contents and screens of teams.

With the  

 button, you can remove your message.

In the Messages Menu you can see two status icons:

Your Message is expired. If you wish to be played you need to edit with the

 button or remove it with the


Your Message is valid and played. You do not need to change anything.


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