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Enhance Your Guest's Experience with Digital Signage

Create a unique atmosphere and give your customers an unforgettable experience with our cloud-based hospitality digital signage solution.

Edit and manage all your screens in one location
Use our platform to transform everything, from menu boards to personalized announcements
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Why Choose Wallboard for Hospitality Digital Signage

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Kiosques de libre-service

Give your guests the power to explore all the information you have to offer at their own pace.
Streamline the customer journey with an expert-crafted experience tailored just for them
Keep your information up-to-date with our powerful data integrations
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Wayfinding Solutions

With our cutting-edge wayfinding signage, guests will be able to make their way around your facility with ease.
Give guests an immersive experience using our sensor, proximity, and location technologies
Keep your information up-to-date with our powerful data integrations
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Powerful Integrations

To help you keep up with the latest innovations in your industry, our team integrates POS and external data sources to help you build seamless experiences.
Update menus, track customer orders in real-time, and monitor their interactions
Build brand awareness with social media and RSS feeds
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User-Friendly Interface

With our intuitive interface, you'll be able to create content with ease.
Customize every aspect of your content with our drag-and-drop editor
Choose from a wide range of dynamic widgets and animations to use in your projects


"C'est comme si vous aviez pris le meilleur de tous les autres logiciels de signalisation numérique et que vous les aviez combinés sans les inconvénients ennuyeux !"

Stacey Purdy
Intégrateur principal de solutions de systèmes informatiques chez Memphis Communications

“In our business reliability and flexibility are the most important factors. Wallboard fits our demand perfectly. They are absolutely an outstanding company among the many CMS software providers.”

Gergely Bognar
Directeur des ventes chez Beflex

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