Community & Religious Organizations

Digital Signage for Community & Religious Organizations

Cultivate a sense of belonging and streamline the ways you connect with your community at your church, mosque, temple, or place of worship.

Manage your signs in a more effective way.
Eliminate the costs related to creating, managing, and distributing printed materials.
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Créer un écosystème d'affichage dynamique

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Drag-and-Drop Editor to Create Engaging Content in Seconds

Easy to Use: Create professionally-looking digital signage without any prior technical experience.
Intuitive Interface: Easily navigate our CMS without needing to go through a lengthy learning curve.
Easily update or replace the existing digital signs.
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Drastically Cut Down the Costs Related to Managing Your Signs

With Wallboard, the costs related to creating, distributing, and managing printed signs will become a thing of the past.
Push your digital signage live to the entire network in just a few seconds.
Easily update or replace the existing digital signs.
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Unlock the Most Effective Content Formats

Printed signage can only get you so far with little to no room for creativity. With Wallboard, you get to unlock dynamic content to take your community engagement to the next level.
Use our no-code platform to create and deliver interactive digital experiences.
Integrate sensory and proximity-aware technologies to engage with your community.
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The Ultimate Digital Signage CMS for Religious Organizations

Easily adjust your digital signage strategy as your organization’s goals and priorities change over time.
From event announcements to wayfinding, Wallboard provides religious organizations with unparalleled levels of flexibility when it comes to creating impactful content.


"C'est comme si vous aviez pris le meilleur de tous les autres logiciels de signalisation numérique et que vous les aviez combinés sans les inconvénients ennuyeux !"

Stacey Purdy
Intégrateur principal de solutions de systèmes informatiques chez Memphis Communications

“In our business reliability and flexibility are the most important factors. Wallboard fits our demand perfectly. They are absolutely an outstanding company among the many CMS software providers.”

Gergely Bognar
Directeur des ventes chez Beflex

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